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Infor PLM Discrete is a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution designed for discrete manufacturing companies that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and CAD systems to help you get your products to market quicker, improve design efficiency, and lower the cost of new product introductions. Your employees, suppliers, and partners will all share one version of the truth, no matter where product information is gathered and stored. You'll make better decisions faster, collaborate more effectively, shorten cycle times for changes and approvals, minimise scrap and rework, and take your productivity to new heights.



Infor PLM Discrete, Get new capabilities with Infor 10x


Infor 10x is the latest release of Infor’s proven business applications and innovative technology platform. Find out what’s new for PLM Discrete.


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What it is

Infor PLM Discrete helps you manage products and related documents from concept to retirement, reduce costs, and improve process efficiencies. You'll:

  • Have a single version of the truth.

  • Make better decisions, faster.

  • Increase the throughput of engineering changes.

  • Collaborate more effectively.

  • Speed up product development times.

  • Benefit from a lower total cost of ownership.


Benefit from more than 30 years of Infor's PLM expertise solving the business challenges of companies like yours. And now, with Infor 10x technology, you get a new, consumer-grade user interface that give users a flexible, easy-to-use environment designed to increase productivity. You'll automatically gain timely, transparent access to critical product information, and you can share that information effortlessly across your network of suppliers, subcontractors, developers, customers, and stakeholders.



  What is does

Designed for discrete manufacturers like you with complex processes, and supply chains, Infor PLM Discrete helps you increase the effectiveness of your product development, management, and production processes.


With Infor PLM Discrete, you'll:


Increase speed to market—Employees at every level of your company's value chain can respond quicker to change than ever before and do their jobs better—from determining requirements, developing a concept, building a prototype, creating a design through to engineering and procurement, manufacturing, assembling, distribution, maintenance, and obsolescence.


Improve product data management—Manage product structures, relationships between products, and related documents as they change at any stage of the product lifecycle.


Optimize enterprise content management—Work faster and more efficiently by capturing, sharing, managing, tracking, and storing documents, tasks, and product information in a central data repository. Use role-driven retrieval and reuse of information to foster standardisation across your enterprise. Easily capture decisions for future reference, while adhering to regulatory and compliance requirements.


View product information at all stages of the lifecycle—Study real-time product data stored in the ERP system. Proactively perform impact analysis to better understand the effect possible changes may have on cost, inventory, production schedules, cycle time, and quality before approving changes.


Use multiple CAD systems—Take advantage of your current and future CAD tools without having to make sacrifices by committing to a single CAD system. You can easily operate in a multi-CAD environment with Infor PLM Discrete's out-of-the-box interoperability with CAD systems.


Accelerate collaboration within your organisation—Use social networking technologies to improve the speed, scale, and value of interactions between your employees—dramatically changing the ways in which they work with information, systems, and each other. Use a unified social networking platform to connect with colleagues in public or private communities and securely share information, content, and conversation.


Accelerate collaboration with suppliers—Streamline and simplify two-way collaboration of procurement, performance, and billing information with your suppliers with Infor PartnerNet. You'll have more effective and efficient collaboration and execution with suppliers, regardless of where they are, what systems they use, or what languages they speak.



What it means

Infor PLM Discrete provides the foundation that allows you to create quality products, faster. Its out-of-the-box interoperability with your ERP and CAD systems combines with robust, real-time reporting and analysis capabilities to give you a solution that delivers significant value within months of implementation. You'll benefit from an infrastructure for your enterprise that integrates people, data, processes, and business systems. With Infor PLM Discrete, you can:

  • Get products to market faster.

  • Centrally control and vault stored information, and allow users to work together collaboratively.

  • Increase manufacturing efficiency and accuracy.

  • Reduce the cost of change management.

  • Improve design efficiency and reusability.

  • Lower the cost of new product introductions.

  • Easily administer and maintain the system.



The Infor PLM Discrete difference

Infor PLM Discrete is a uniquely powerful product lifecycle management solution with deep, industry-specific capabilities that allows you to:

  • Tightly integrate PLM with your ERP solution.

  • Implement the solution quickly and with a low total cost of ownership.

  • Use a completely CAD-neutral solution that integrates with all major CAD systems in the marketplace.

  • Reduce time-to-market for new product introduction by 70%.

  • Maintain compliance with industry regulations.





Infor PLM Discrete


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